4-Station Pierce Machine

This 4-station custom piercing machine was designed and built to create 44mm diameter automotive steering columns. It produces one finished mild steel part every 8 seconds. Each station of the pierce machine includes a part present sensor to ensure the tube is properly seated, and employs part ejectors to eliminate issues with gantry interface. In addition, each hydraulic cylinder uses digital stroke verification and precision THK rails to guarantee each punch has traveled the appropriate distance and parts are pierced accurately every stroke. Each station has replaceable vertical stops for accurate length orientation while using non-marring grippers for critical finish requirements. To eliminate oil contamination, all hydraulic lines for this machine are routed beneath the working surface. With a 24-part capacity, this machine can be hand loaded or robot-tended without stopping production. The load and unload areas utilize a conveyor system guarded by light curtains.

  • Category

    Car Industry
  • Machine Type

    Custom Pierce Machine
  • Install Location

    Ohio, USA
  • End Use

    Automotive Steering Columns