40 Ton Press & Roll Out Table

This machine was designed for crimping the heat shield to a converter body for heavy truck exhaust systems. The machine uses a 40 ton hydraulic system to capture the converter and then fire up to 13 hydraulic cylinders to crimp the two shells together at the same time. As with about 80% of the machines that Overton makes, this was controlled with an Allen-Bradley PLC & HMI. This C-Frame press also features a hydraulic roll-out table for ease of loading and unloading.

"We had a real problem finding a partner that could provide us both the tooling and machine that were needed on this project. Luckily, Overton was able to design and build the machine and tooling so that we had one integrated system that was delivered to the plant, making our jobs easier."

Program Manager, Major Exhaust Manufacturer

This large die crimps a heat shield to a converter body for large trucking applications. Due to the weight of the components, a hydraulic roll out table was designed to allow for easier loading and unloading of the machines. This is an improvement in worker safety and ergonomics.

  • Category

    Car Industry / Exhaust
  • Cost

  • Machine Type

    40 Ton Hydraulic Press
  • Install Location

    Central Mexico
  • Delivery Timeline

    18 Weeks
  • End Use

    Heat Shield Crimping