Rotary Flare Machine

Our customer came to us with a unique request. They had some older equipment that they needed to upgrade, but didn’t want to have to purchase dozens of sets of new tooling. They needed a solution that would accomodate their current tooling while giving them the flexibility of a new piece of machinery. Because of the high volume, they needed to make two of these machine to be able to sufficiently produce their product. 

Overton made several visits the the customer facility to understand how they are being used and what the new machines would need to add in their capabilities. Through extensive design reviews with the customer, Overton build two rotary ram end flare machines that produced just what the customer needed. 

  • Category

  • Cost

  • Machine Type

    Rotary Ram Flare Machine
  • Install Location

    Virginia, USA
  • Delivery Timeline

    20 Weeks
  • End Use

    Exhaust System