Custom Machines

Sometimes the manufacturing process calls for a custom application. Whether you have a drawing and a model or just a sketch, Overton can bring it to reality. Our team of designers bring decades of experience in tube and metal forming, automation, and system integration to your project. Our electrical engineering team can work to make sure that the machine interfaces to your current requirements while also making the end product easy to operate. If you are concerned that your custom project needs to be handled by a team with experience and practical application knowledge, you have come to the right place.

Types of Custom Projects

  • Product Assembly

  • Multi-Process Forming

  • Packaging Integration

  • Custom Machine Refurbishment

  • High Volume Automation

  • New Product Development

How We Do It

Initial Design Consultation

Our sales engineers can meet at your facility to review the application. If needed, additional design staff may be included in the visit. Once there is a clear vision of the application desired, Overton will put together a preliminary proposal for customer review.

Refining the Scope and Proposal

Now that the proposal is in hand, we can work together to refine the application that we have proposed. We can look at mechanical systems, design, electrical planning, etc. By the end of this process between our teams, a final quote will be issued to reflect the agreed upon solution.

Build & Deliver

Now that we have agreed upon the final design, it is time to build. Our project manager will work closely with your team to keep them apprised of status as we complete the job. Once finished, your team will come to our facility for a formal runoff and approval. If needed, Overton can send our own machine technicians to your facility for further install and training. Now it is time for your team to put it into production.

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