Our Principles

Let Our Employees Introduce

Our Company

For over 51 years, the Overton Industries family has been building relationships and projects that last. Rather than the owners and managers creating content to describe our core values, below are our own employee's interpretations of what it means to them. If these employees don't exemplify what it means to work at Overton, it simply can't be expressed.

Industry Leader for
Tube Forming

51years of experience


Built to Last

Providing our customers with the highest quality products with emphasis on continuous improvements.

We build solid machines utilizing quality materials. They are designed and built to last for years and we rebuild in-house to extend their service lives even further.

Quality is a big focus and quality products will always last. Built to last is MY job to make the quality product we produce to keep the customer satisfied and wanting our business.


We modify and even redesign machines and tooling to meet customer’s needs. We also customize machines to help customers adapt to the changing needs. We strive to provide these services as quickly as possible.

Always try to meet customer contractual requirements, communication is very important with the customers as well as within the company. Make sure questions are being answered up front.

Close customer support to define the product, resolve issues, and ensure customer satisfaction.



Intense Client Focus


Honesty & Integrity

Being honest to ourselves and to our customers is very important. We should always ask ourselves can we meet the demands of our customers, with deliveries or with build demands. The integrity is being able to stand behind the promises made. 

Holding yourself accountable for your actions and accepting responsibility for mistakes. Integrity is staying on track when things aren’t going your way as well as when they are. Be Dependable!

Straight forward, up front, no compromise on credibility.

Our commitment to quality, production, and growth is on-going. There is no flat ground where we can coast and believe that we have already achieved our best work. 

Good enough isn’t good enough. Continuous push for excellence.

Always looks forward to and accepts new challenges. Looks for self-improvement. 



Never Satisfied


Family & Community

Life is more than “business as usual”. The company was born of family and community, therefore, we give support and compassion in return.

Making life better for my family and others by being involved and supporting school functions. 

Employees and staff make Overton a good, family-oriented, place and show that they care about all of their people. By being active in the community, providing meaningful employment, and making the workplace a safe place, Overton is always good for family.