A Global Leader in Tube Forming Machines & Automation

For over 50 years, the team at Overton Industries has been making world class tooling, machines, and automation for a variety of industries. Overton provides a wide variety of standard machines for the tube forming industry while also providing complete custom designed machines for those projects that haven't been done before. Our team of designers, engineers, and manufacturing professionals have the solution to your complex project.

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We are Overton Industries

Overton is a pioneer in the design and build of tube forming equipment and tooling, serving a variety of industries. Our products help our customers create world class products that help move the world forward every day. Our machines and tooling are making products that go in your car, in your home, even into Space. The goal at Overton is to provide our customers with the support that they need. This starts from the discovery phase with our sales engineers all the way through the design and build phase with our engineering department.

Scott Buie

Chief Executive Officer

  • Built to Last

    Providing our customers with the highest quality products with an emphasis on continuous improvement.

  • Intense Client Focus

    Always work with the customer's best interests in mind. Be a partner that will provide only the highest quality work every time.

  • Honesty & Integrity

    Be the company that can stand behind their work every time. Do not overcommit just to earn a project. Be up front and honest.

  • Never Satisfied

    Never let complacency win over. There is always an opportunity for innovation to drive additional prosperity for us and our customer.

  • Family & Community

    Being active in the community, providing meaningful employment, and making a safe workplace is the goal behind our family business.


Why choose our company?

For us, it comes down to the experience we have developed over 50 years. We started as a tooling company. We saw a need in the market for better machines that integrate with our tooling. No one can make a better machine than the company making the best tooling, period.Overton is an integrated design-build firm offering the ability to be a one stop shop for your manufacturing process. The capacity to produce both the machine and the tooling is integral for our customers. No more problems at a runoff when the tool and machine aren't functioning together.

Industry Leader for
Tube Forming Equipment

52Years of Experience


Customer Rating

  • Best talent in tube forming niche.

  • Machines & tooling in one location.

  • Over 250 machines in the field.

  • Acquired Dickey & Sons in 2007.

  • Low employee turnover = Experienced.

We will make your project come to life

We are focused on business that delivers the best possible project results for us and our customers.

Overton's Tube Forming Systems division provides us with consistent quality for our programs. They make it easy to buy from Overton by providing a higher level of service than what you have come to expect. From the sales experience to the build to the ongoing service of the machine, they provide a higher level of service to our company. It gives me, as the global commodity manager, the confidence that my program managers are going to get what we need on-time and to the quality standards we demand.

Jan Gajda

Faurecia Clean Mobility

Our latest projects.

Check out some of the most recent projects produced at Overton. These projects exemplify the quality of engineering and the experience in manufacturing that we provide to our customers. Many of our projects start as an idea. We then work with the customer to bring their idea to life in mechanical form.Overton is an integrated design-build manufacturer offering engineering, design and manufacturing services to domestic and international customers throughout the world. Unique to Overton is the fact that we conduct all disciplines in-house in a collaborative environment, enabling our customers to reduce costs through minimizing supply chain issues.

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